Fantasy Beauties

Discover a Realm of Beautiful Fairies, Elves, Warriors, and More. Immerse Yourself in the Art of Coloring with 100 Captivating Portraits. Unleash Your Creativity and Uplift Your Spirit with 100 Empowering Women Sayings.

Fantasy beauties
Find inspiration in every piece of artwork and feel empowered by the magic of words.

Explore Enchanting Coloring Pages

This captivating coloring book has been crafted to transport you to a realm where fantasy and creativity intertwine, inspiring you to embrace your inner strength and celebrate the power of femininity.

Get lost in captivating coloring pages with mesmerizing fantasy beauties

Within these pages, you will discover a tapestry of intricate portraits featuring breathtaking fairies, majestic elves, resilient princesses, and enigmatic witches.

Each artwork is imbued with an empowering message

Accompanied by women’s affirmative and positive sayings. Art pieces that showcase uplifting and hopeful messages for women possess the ability to elevate your mood and ignite your motivation.

Discover grayscale shading and enjoy pencil sketch-style coloring pages

Unleash your artistic side. Use light colors for light gray areas, medium colors for medium gray, and dark colors for intense shades.

Optimized for MIXED MEDIA; use pastels and colored pencils for realistic drawing

An expert's PRO TIP is included in the book for getting the best results from Mixed Media coloring. If you're using wet media or alcohol-based markers, it's recommended to use an additional sheet to protect the page behind.

A glimpse inside

100 + 100

'Fantasy Beauties' coloring book includes 100 captivating portraits along with 100 empowering quotes and rhymes from women. Find inspiration in every artwork and feel empowered by the magic of words.

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